Marathon Fueling: Race Day

This Webinar will discus aspects of marathon fueling. The the three main topics will be:

  1. The importance of a fuel plan
  2. Calculating your needs
  3. Executing your plan
  4. Answer your submitted questions

I’ll give you practical advice and share what the newest research says! If you would like to leave a question, please leave it in the comment section at the bottom of the blog post. I will get to what I can, but won’t make this so long that I lose your attention!

We will be recording live on October 3, 2014 at noon eastern and then will make sure the recording is posted afterwards!


Follow along with the Marathon Race Day PowerPoint ( a PDF file) 114_OliveiraandAsker_SSE Here’s the  MP4  of the webinar

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114_OliveiraandAsker_SSE (GI Distress)

  • Felipe R.

    Although this may be discussed in the “Executing your plan” section, I just want to get your input on what’s the most “comfortable” method for carrying the fuel – if not using the one provided by the race. For example, I would take more GU with me on a race/long run but it’s uncomfortable to carry 3 or 4 GU gels at the beginning of the race.

    • Ben

      For me it was all about finding the right shorts. I wear Brooks Infiniti shorts for marathons and stick 2 gels in each hip pocket. It’s only slightly annoying but I forget about it soon enough, especially when I get down to 1 gel per pocket. But it looks like they moved the pockets to the front for the most recent version, so I’ll be looking for new shorts if that doesn’t work out for me.

  • Ben

    With some marathons serving low cal/low carb beverages, how does this play into fueling strategy? Avoid these marathons? The prospect of sucking down more fluid and/or gel is not very enticing. Or is this part of the newest research?

  • Deb

    How to balance fuel needs with GI impact for 4+ hour marathoners.

    • Deb, I posted an article on the page that you should look at.

  • Brandon Hillis

    Trying to watch the video and it says it’s private. I’m logged in to my account.

    • ckubatz

      Brandon, try this direct link to the video:

      Looks like we lost video a few minutes in, but the audio is there. This was our first attempt at this and has allowed us to iron out a few wrinkles in the process. Should get smoother each time around. Let us know if the link above does not work.


      Hansons Coaching Services

    • LukeHansons

      Hey Brandon,

      Not sure what’s not working for you. I just logged in and could view the 5 minutes of video ok. We’ll get this all figured out.