What option should I choose?

We get this question a lot, and of course, there is no straight up answer. Here’s what I tell potential athletes. You really have to consider a few things. One, is how much interaction do you want from a coach? How much of a custom program do I want/need? Coaching is expensive, and we totally realize that, which is why we tried to get awesome coaching programs for all price levels. A good place to start is here (link to coaching options video). Please, if you have any questions, please give us a shout at info@hansonscoachingservices.com

Who will I be working with?

You have an option to choose which coach you want to work with when you fill out your Training Profile. We limit the number of people each coach works with so that we don’t overextend their ability to provide you attention. So, when we get your training profile we make sure that each coach/athlete relationship will be a good match for everybody!

How do I get my schedule?

After you are paired with a coach, they will send you a request to be coached via finalsurge.com. Once you accept, the two of you will be paired up and your coach will be able to input your training. You receive daily emails regarding upcoming workouts. Your coach will receive daily updates regarding your updated training log.

If you signed up for basic coaching, then your coach will upload the best schedule that fits your needs into your training calendar

If you purchase one of our already proven training programs, then you will receive an email with the opportunity to download instantly!

What are the major differences between coaching packages?

In a word: communication. It really comes down to communication. With the advanced, there is unlimited communication between you and your coach. Your coach will be looking over your training, reaching out and being proactive. With Intermediate and advanced your coach is there for you, but will assume everything is ok if they don’t hear from you. With Basic or Intermediate, you have the ability to reach out on a monthly basis if you need some feedback. Your coach will also look over your training on a monthly basis. The main difference between basic coaching and Intermediate coaching is basic coaching provides you with a proven schedule. Intermediate coaching will write your training custom to your needs and schedule.

FAQ didn’t solve your problem?

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