Training Talk

Winter Running: Performance

January 17, 2018/by Luke Humphrey

Dressing for winter running

January 5, 2018/by Luke Humphrey

Speed Work: Do I use my actual paces or equivalent?

November 7, 2017/by Luke Humphrey

Hansons Marathon Method: should I reduce my mileage at the beginning?

November 2, 2017/by Luke Humphrey
4-6 Weeks out from marathon? Your top 5 things you need to know.

4-6 Weeks out from marathon? Your top 5 things you need to know.

September 13, 2017/by Luke Humphrey
GI Distress and Performance

GI Distress and Running Performance

August 16, 2017/by Luke Humphrey
Long Runs Pace

Facebook Group Question: What should my easy runs and long run paces be at?

August 2, 2017/by Luke Humphrey

Modifying your marathon plan for a race

July 23, 2017/by Luke Humphrey
Elite Level Workouts: should you attempt?

Elite Level Workouts: should you attempt?

May 9, 2017/by Luke Humphrey

Thoughts on warming up for Boston

April 5, 2017/by Luke Humphrey

Marathon Training Bundles

March 30, 2017/by Luke Humphrey

2017 Summer Camp!

March 28, 2017/by Luke Humphrey

Having a coach without the full time coaching price tag.

March 27, 2017/by Luke Humphrey

When do I know I’m ready?

March 2, 2017/by Luke Humphrey

Getting what you need from workouts

February 9, 2017/by Luke Humphrey
Adapting to training

Adapting to training

January 23, 2017/by Luke Humphrey
Think twice before heading to the track during marathon buildup

Speed (Not on track). Why I tell my athletes to not hit the track during marathon speed.

December 29, 2016/by Luke Humphrey
Heart Rate Training - Hansons Coaching

Updated thoughts on heart rate

December 9, 2016/by Luke Humphrey

Just ran my marathon, now what? Beginning the process of long term planning.

November 14, 2016/by Luke Humphrey
Hansons Cumulative Fatigue

My observations from fall marathon training 2016.

October 24, 2016/by Luke Humphrey